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Jennifer DeFrayne

Jennifer DeFrayne's By a Wire is a beautiful piano-based instrumental album that expresses the emotional journey of everyday life. Sharing hopes, dreams and the stories we hold closest to our hearts, Jennifer is driven by a passion to 'connect with the wires' and an ability to speak through her music. By a Wire captures the listener with evocative performances that are heartfelt and inspirational.

"Music is the language from the heart, when you can't find the words to speak." ~ Jennifer DeFrayne

By a Wire was recorded at Imaginary Roads Studios in Vermont, with contributions from Charlie Bisharat (Yanni), Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort), Fiona Joy, Jeff Haynes (Pat Matheny), Jeff Oster, Jill Haley, Noah Wilding, Rebecca Daniel (Australian Chamber Orchestra), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Tom Eaton and Will Ackerman.

"Forged in the fires of personal loss and tempered by the inspiration of overcoming, Jennifer DeFrayne has crafted musical gold from the lead of life's challenges. Her sensitive piano melodies reflect a range of heartfelt emotions, from wistful remembrances to hope-filled dreams, and more. Co-produced by renowned Australian pianist Fiona Joy and Grammy winning Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, a number of A-list studio musicians accompany Jennifer on her profound musical journey, making this an evocative and deeply moving listening experience."
~ Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Jennifer grew up with a baby grand piano in the home, did not have any formal training, but fell in love with the piano at an early age, and began writing music when she was 8 years old. When she was 13 she was writing music that she would memorize and could preform for family and friends. She enjoyed sitting at the piano and just letting the music flow out, as her family and friends would listen to her improvise song after song. Most of her compositions have always come from an improvisational song writing approach, and most of the songs on "By a Wire" originated from them being improvised. She would hit record on her digital recorder when feeling creative, and would later listen back, and if they were something she wanted to keep, she memorized them. Jennifer is able to find inspiration for her music in many different areas of life, from growing up in a small town in northern Michigan, where the beautiful nature of the area inspired her, the loss of loved ones, the joys of children, to the inspirations of overcoming personal health challenges.

"The Piano is my haven amidst turmoil and loss and my happy place in times of joy. I will always run to it when I need to tap deeper into emotions. In some ways it saved my life." ~ Jennifer DeFrayne

"Jennifer DeFrayne's music comes from passion, emotion and a story worth telling. Her music is real and it is deeply touching." ~ Fiona Joy,,,,,

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