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The Power of Music - Fiona Joy Hawkins in Concert
The power of music and healing will set the stage for this rare opportunity to catch Fiona Joy Hawkins in concert.

The evening will include talks from Terry Robson, a naturopath and Robin Howat, a music therapist from Nordoff-Robins about the power of music and healing. Fiona, will be joined on stage by Rebecca Daniel on violin, Patricia McMeekin on cello,Andy Busuttil on clarinet, saxillo and percussion.


Fiona Joy Hawkins, Power of Music, A Concert for Wellbeing

Friday 20 November, 7.30pm
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
597 High Street, Penrith
Ticket prices: $22; $18 conc


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15th October 2009


Australian musician Fiona Joy Hawkins is a star on the rise with a nomination for Best Album (Blue Dream) in the World Music category in this year’s ARIA Awards plus the album and songs from it are on the Grammy Ballot papers in five categories: Best Instrumental Composition, Best Surround Sound, Best New Age Album, Best Pop Instrumental and Best Engineer.

Blue Dream was released by ABC Music in April and features a guest performance from Luka Bloom. This is Fiona’s fourth album. It was upon hearing her earlier music that legendary Grammy Award winning musician Will Ackerman contacted Fiona and asked if she’d like to record her next album at his studio in Vermont. The result has been a phenomenally successful album that just continues to receive high praise.

Fiona is a classically trained pianist who draws upon a number of styles and influences from classical to world rhythms, jazz and New Age to create her own musical tapestry that is spiritually evocative and intimate.

Fiona will be making a rare concert appearance at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith, at 7.30pm, Friday November 20th. The concert will include a talk from Robin Howat a music therapist from Nordoff-Robbins about the power of music and its healing and health benefits.

This is fantastic opportunity to catch Fiona in concert and hear what all the excitement is about. Fiona will be joined on stage by Rebecca Daniel on violin, Patricia McMeekin on cello, Andy Busuttil on clarinet, saxillo and percussion.

Fiona received the 2008 MusicOz winner for Best Classical/Jazz Artist. She released her first independent album Portrait Of A Waterfall in 2005. Veteran New Age Music critic Bill Binkelman said of her latest album Blue Dream “[for] devotees of contemporary piano and ensemble recordings [Blue Dream] sets a new standard of emotional depth, production quality, and musical variety.”

All of Fiona’s albums have received critical acclaim with numerous awards and nominations including two for the 2007 LA Music Awards.

Fiona Joy Hawkins, Power of Music, A Concert for Wellbeing
Friday 20 November, 7.30pm
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
597 High Street, Penrith

Ticket prices: $22; $18 conc.

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   About fiona joy hawkins

'Angel Above my Piano' Piano-Heaven Award Winner

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Fiona Joy Hawkins is a New Age composer and pianist whose music crosses genres from classical to world fusion. She has won the 2008 MusicOz winner for Best Jazz or Classical Artist, Best Piano NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006 and Best Dance Dub/Club 2008, and has been a finalist in over 32 Indie Artist Awards across 9 countries. Her latest album, BLUE DREAM, received the highest ever ranking in the history of the New Age Reporter International Radio Charts, debuting at #1. Her musical influences include George Winston, Michael Nyman, Chopin and Mendelssohn, but she also admits to being a "bit of a folkie" in her free time.

Fiona Joy Hawkins made her debut at number 1 on the New Age Reporter Top 100 Radio Charts November 2005 and was voted Best Piano Album in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006. Since then she has charted in the top 10 for all three albums with ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled having just been at 1 for Feb & March 2008. Also a Finalist in the MusicOz Awards 2006 and 2007, and a Finalist in the LA Music Awards in two categories in 2007.

Fiona Joy Hawkins' piano albums have been described as music to dream to. Featuring piano with orchestration, Portrait of a Waterfall calms the mind and yet allows its listener to become lost in the beauty of romantic melodies. Angel Above my Piano takes you to places you only dream of.

Fiona has recorded her next project BLUE DREAM at Imaginary Road Studios with Grammy Award winner and Producer Will Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill Records). Blue Dream features guest performances by Luka Bloom and Will Ackerman as well as some of the best instrumental artists in the world.

Recorded as a 70 minute single peice of music on a Steinway B, Blue Dream goes from quiet contemplative piano to full orchestral, to world sounds, rhythms, jazz influcneces and back again to the perfect "Bach' moment - all in a breath. (see the youtube clip of the recording of Blue Dream on this page).

You can listen to ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled (piano/chill/dance) on the Little Hartley Music myspace page (top friends below) - it is a sensual mix of piano and rhythm, with some vocal tracks. ICE covers chill, jazz, world and rock - with a tast of the unusual thrown into the mix.

Classically trained as a pianist, Fiona's music is thematic and melodic. With a keen eye on film she has always been interested in creating music that evokes images and emotions and tells a story. "The idea of synchronicity has always intrigued me, colours, ideas and emotions all have corresponding sounds". Also a painter, Fiona incorporates original manuscripts of her music on the canvas to create bold colourful mixed media abstracts so you can hear and see her music.

Listen and purchase at, where you can also view paintings. You will find Fiona's albums in most good record stores or on i-tunes.

All four albums plus merchandise including prints, T-Shirts, Cards and Sheet Music is available on my website.