• Signature Solo
  • Signature Synchronicity
  • 600 Years in a Moment
  • Sensual Journeys
  • LIVE at the Q
  • Christmas Joy
  • Blue Dream
  • ICE - Piano Slightly Chilled
  • Angel Above my Piano
  • Portrait of a Waterfall
  • Music for Massage

LITTLE HARTLEY MUSIC is dedicated to promoting the very best in new music. Music inspired by the world, the landscape, our emotions and our thoughts… This is beyond genre - just good music that lifts the spirit and soothes the soul ...

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fionajoymusic AWESOME playlist: Eclectic, a bit classical Trains and Travel Quietly Songs #NowPlaying
fionajoymusic The end is the beginning, 600 Years and I'll be home. Far from the shores the winds will whisper. 600 years and I...
fionajoymusic I'm compelled to share what I do to make a difference. I tell stories that I hope will touch people. I do it with m…
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fionajoymusic Trains and Travel Quietly Songs #NowPlaying
fionajoymusic Behind the stage last month at Carnegie (Weill Hall) in NY with 50 mins till FLOW is onstage - PR Beth Hilton is...