Portrait of a Waterfall – Fiona Joy

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Portrait of a Waterfall has been described as “music to dream to”.

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Portrait of a Waterfall has been described as “music to dream to”. Featuring piano, Portrait of a Waterfall calms the mind and allows it?s listener to become lost in the beauty of romantic melodies. Fiona’s first album.


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10 reviews for Portrait of a Waterfall – Fiona Joy

  1. Debra Morris

    This is a wonderful CD… Easy listening music which is being greatly admired by my friends and all

  2. Dr Fred E. Orr

    Fiona?s melodies are as natural, relaxing and as fluid as the ripples in a quiet forest pond. Some tracks promote imagery of leaves drifting slowly by on a sleepy country creek, allowing you to relax and enjoy frequent quiet spells. Other tracks present haunting melodies suggesting mystery, but mostly the tracks are just so thoroughly peaceful. Melodies to relax mind and body, the ideal remedy for too much activity in the fast lane.

  3. Ronald Horne

    All I can say is \”WOW\”, I received your cd and was truly moved, your style of music really lifted me mentally & physically, just incredible! Thank you for such magical music – It truly has what I believe to be – Healing Properties! Thank you again!

  4. Valeri Anne Turner

    Thank you for our most beautiful music! I am a presenter at 95.9 Valley FM in QLD and I heard your music yesterday. I was captured by it, just beautiful. I can see the water tumbling down the rocks and spilling into little eddies. Just beautiful and so peaceful and calming, just what I need before I go to the studio. Thanks again

  5. Robert Stone

    Some of the finest piano I\’ve ever heard! Fiona\’s sweet melodies will take you through hills and valleys that can only be reached in dreams. Buy this CD!!!!

  6. Mike Fenwick

    You have a unique creative talent. This was far far more than a conversation between you and the piano, I was invited to sit beside you, as you let me see and share in your world, and I sat totally enthralled thoughout. Tenderness, drama, vision and above all these I heard and felt love being expressed. Thank you Fiona Joy Hawkins for such wonderful music.

  7. Paris Hilton

    THE CURE FOR THE 9 TO 5 DAY….New Age stress reduction at its best? You are sure to feel better for this experience..Perhaps music does heal..These are soothing melodic instrumentals that relax and allow room for thought and introspection but do not demand it. You can not listen to this music and not just feel the stress fall away. Take 2 songs and call me in the morning?

  8. mark bowen

    I heard a piece on Lucky seven on-line radio, was impressed and went searching. I found your site, listened to the samples and thought this is good company to drive home with or to play in the background at home or indeed anywhere.

  9. Nicholas Casper (verified owner)

    I have purchased many of Fionas albums and thoroughly enjoy them all. Portrait of a Waterfalls warm and comforting compositions especially Opus Rain 3rd movement just opens your heart to the superb talent and gift Fiona has been given to share with us all.

  10. Nicholas Casper (verified owner)

    I anxiously await the arrival of my order for this album (CD). I have listened to different tracks off and on, and now want this CD in my collection.

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