Print – Introducing Fiona Joy Hawkins – Series by Tanya Loviz

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Print – Introducing Fiona Joy Hawkins

A4 Prints of artworks from the ‘Introducing Fiona Joy Hawkins’ Series by Tanya Loviz .

A4 size highest quality 270gms prints, personally signed by Fiona Joy Hawkins and kissed by Tanya Loviz (yes she puts paint on her lips) – perfect to hang as a set or just sit on the desk. Mount straight into a pre-made frame, pull the backing out, insert print, & hang!! Voila, they are kinda cute, naughty, but oh so demure!

Information about Tanya Loviz: Why Why Why does she paint? Because she would shrivel up and die if she didn’t….. Naaaa, she paints because she loves getting dirty, it’s so much fun, so rich and fills her life with a satisfaction that words truly can’t describe. Tanya Loviz’s mission is to spread more CHeeK around the world, and she is happy when she knows a giggle or soft ‘ahhhh’ has fallen from the viewers lips and they have walked away with a lightened heart. We Love You Tanya.

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