Angel Above my Piano - Fiona Joy Hawkins - Download


Angel Above my Piano - Fiona Joy Hawkins - mp3 (320) Download

Atmospheric and captivating, this romantic piano album takes you from the perfect "Hollywood movie moment" to the extraordinary wilderness of Antarctica.
Angel Above My Piano is a beautiful and emotional journey to landscapes you only dream of.

01. Crystal Desert
02. Dance of the Penguins
03. Flight of the Albatross
04. Angel Above my Piano
05. Love in Winter (1st Movement Opus for Love)
06. Love Forever (2nd Movement Opus for Love)
07. Love in Spring (3rd Movement Opus for Love)
08. Watching the Wind
09. Down the Aisle (Wedding March 2)
10. Thinking of You (Australian Lullaby)
11. Preamble (Partitia No 5) J.S Bach
12. The Child's Game
13. Love Forever (Reprise)

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